Spanish brand Porcelanosa opens new showroom in Bangladesh in ‘win-win’ business

Submitted on Fri, 03/10/2017 - 12:42

Pierre Mayaudon, Head of the EU Delegation in Bangladesh, was inaugurating the showroom at Gulshan 2 on Wednesday.


Porcelanosa is a leading Spanish brand, founded over 40 years ago in Castellon, Spain. It currently employs over 5,000 employees worldwide.

It produces tiles, kitchen and bathroom equipment, hardwood, natural stone, mosaics, installation materials, solid surface, installation systems & materials, among others. The company has its presence in nearly 15O countries.

“The initiative of opening a new showroom is win-win for Europe and Bangladesh,” Ambassador Mayaudon said.

“Win for Europe because we have more export from EU to Bangladesh that we want to encourage through EU business council and EU-Bangladesh Business Climate Dialogue,” he explained.

“It is also a win for Bangladesh, first, because it will satisfy the expectation of the Bangladesh customers who have the purchasing power to acquire this kind of high-end products.

“It also wins for Bangladesh, second, because there is no competition. So, this will not create harm to any Bangladesh manufacturing items because they are not yet in this segment of the market.

“And the third win is that this is an encouragement to enter in this market. It’s a kind of educative purpose that what we call climbing the value chain. So, it's win and wins”.

The ambassador said it showed that EU could also find the possibility of exporting in a particular segment of the Bangladesh market. “This is an example of that”.

The 28-countries bloc is the biggest export destination for Bangladesh where all products enjoy duty-free quota-free market access.