Boston public schools get new, different looking world maps

BOSTON -- In an attempt to "decolonize the curriculum", the Boston public school system is adopting the controversial Peters projection of maps of the world for its second-, seventh- and eleventh-grade classrooms. 

What it's replacing, the 500-year-old Mercator projection, distorts the shapes of the continents in such a way to make Europe and North America seem larger, relative to South America and Africa, than they really are.

Peters maps "offer a more culturally proficient view of the
world," according to a school board statement.

'In Transit' full cast during rehearsal at the Mangere Arts Centre

AOTEAROA, N.Z. - The first Pasifika African theatre production in the world took centre stage this week in south Auckland.

Titled In Transit, the play is based on real-life experiences of Africans migrating and living in New Zealand, told through African and Pacific storytelling traditions.

Based on true stories collected by Wanjiku Kiarie Sanderson, In Transit revolves around eight characters sharing the stories of African refugees and migrants.

In Transit highlights the truths of first generation Africans desperately wanting to be recognised as Kiwis, finding themselves, while showing respect to their parents and their culture.

'In Transit' runs from May 4 to 13.