Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer in Snatched

Submitted on Tue, 05/30/2017 - 07:47

Twenthieth Century Fox's Snatched is a hilarious but brainless combination of a chick flick, road picture and comedy thriller. It's also Goldie Hawn's return to the big screen after 15 years: no longer the cute, giggling ingenue, but now mother to Amy Schumer.

Schumer plays Emily Middleton, who is about to go on an exotic vacation to Ecuador with her boyfriend. When he dumps her, she decides to take Mom instead, even though they haven't gotten along for years.

At this point you might expect a dead-serious portrayal of a mother and daughter's gradual reconciliation. Instead, you get a very farfetched and outright stupid story of a mother and daughter getting kidnaped by insurgents, peppered with 
one-line jokes reminiscent of the Bob Hope-Bing Crosby Road pictures.

But Snatched is funny, in spite of its ridiculous premise. The location shots are good, if not stunnng, with Hawaii standing in for Ecuador.

The supporting cast is equally good, including Ike Barinholtz as Jeffrey Middleton and Joan Cusack and Wanda Sykes as a nitwit pair of private eyes.