FAIAL, the most cosmopolitan island of the Azores

Submitted on Fri, 03/17/2017 - 07:04

By Leila Monteiro Lins | Photos by Teresa Oliveira 

FAIAL is probably the most cosmopolitan of the central islands and also one of the most beautiful, rising gently through pastureland to the main crater. It has become the stopping place for transatlantic sailors.

 Capelinhos Volcano

This rare, arid and volcanic beauty resulted from the 1957 eruption. The Capelinhos Volcano was active for a year and increased the size of Faial Island by 2.4 km2. In addition to the extraordinary lunar landscape, there is also an Interpretation Centre that provides explanations for the geological genesis of the Azores.

Peter Café Sport & Scrimshaw Museum 

Scrimshaw Museum is a private collection belonging to the owner of the popular Peter’s Café. Over a 100 pieces are exhibited here, engraved with beautiful sailing boats,seductive mermaids, scenes of whale-hunting, etc.