Protests shut down U.S Consulate

Submitted on Thu, 06/01/2017 - 10:54

In the wake of Trump’s travel ban, No One is Illegal, an organization working with refugees, want Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne to remove restrictions barring undocumented immigrants receiving provincial services.

The migrant movement based in Toronto was influential in establishing Canada’s largest city to becoming a ‘sanctuary city’, the first Canadian city with a formal policy allowing undocumented migrants to access services regardless of immigration status.

Now No One is Illegal wants Ontario to follow the act and walk the walk in the midst of growing anti-refugee and Islamophobia sentiment, spilling over from the U.S., increasingly since Donald Trump became president.

US President Trump’s temporary immigration ban against seven Muslim dominated countries, including Somalia has been widely condemned and has brought out hundreds and thousands of protesters to the streets of major world cities.

Protesters in Toronto, who also conveyed sympathy for the six people gunned down on Sunday’s terrorist act in Quebec City mosque, have been vocal throughout the day.