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The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문

The Korea Times (TKT) 매니토바 한인신문 is a local, monthly Manitoban newspaper that established and has since been consistently publishing since August of 2012. TKT is owned by Canada Insight Learning company, and publishes in both Korean and English languages.

The Korea Times’s mandates are

  1. To bridge the gap between the Canadian and Korean cultures by reaching out to other communities,
  2. To create a channel that encourages Koreans to effectively communicate with other Koreans and to participate in their respective communities in Manitoba so that they can integrate fully into our society,
  3. To provide educational opportunities for Korean immigrants to learn the Canadian culture, history, social system and social issues in our society, and
  4. To reduce the gap between the younger generation and the older generation.

The Korea Times is the first and only Korean newspaper in Manitoba, and most Korean immigrants very much rely on it. The Times is a symbolic publication for the Korean community because it is the only newspaper that has represented the Korean population in the 50 year-Korean immigration history in Manitoba. However, its news is not limited just to the Korean community.

TKT imparts knowledge, useful information and social phenomena that are essentially needed and understood by both immigrants and visible minorities, which can help them integrate successfully into the Canadian society. It conveys news that all everyday Manitobans encounter in their lives, including economics, politics, business, life events, health, arts, parenting and education. TKT broadly consists of contents regarding Canada, Korea, Manitoba, and ethnic communities or groups in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

TKT is also composed of many valuable columnists who contribute and support TKT. They write columns regarding global or domestic economies, businesses, employment, aging populations, immigration, law, finance, Korean beauty, real estates, living style, ethnic community events and/or activities, and so on. TKT is gradually growing with their writing and support.  


TKT has recognized that a broad range of the readers may want to see more news in the Times that is not limited to the Korean community. TKT sees that there are many different people, groups, and organizations in our society, and TKT wants to expand its own views to relate to these people and their lives. As a local newspaper that is printed in Manitoba, its role is also shaped based on these people.

With the progress of the publication over last three years, TKT has decided to add a new name, which is THE DIVERSITY TIMES to the newspaper publication as of January 2016. As seen in the first mandate, reaching out to other communities and the mainstream to share our values is very important to TKT because we live in a society that is founded on multiculturalism and pluralism. This means that each group or community needs to respect other cultures and associate with one another to bond as Canadian citizens. Therefore, TKT needs to add this name to provide inclusivity and openness for all ethnic groups and diverse organizations.

Secondly, TKT has decided to add a new name to the publication after an activity that TKT hosted to discuss the topic: how to develop ethnic communities better during the Korea Week in October of 2015. The participants who came from different communities expressed a need for a channel in which they could communicate with other groups. It is assumed that many people want to know or understand what goes on in other aspects of our society that are in the major newspapers. As a result of surveying many readers, including non-readers, adding the name “THE DIVERSITY TIMES” seemed highly favourable. This name was highlighted as the best name for The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문, and the respondents of the survey thought the name would fit well with TKT’s mandate.

The main part of TKT that is changing is the increase in page numbers in THE DIVERSITY TIMES. It will be expanded from 32 pages to 40 pages to show more local news. Also, there are new columnists who have different cultural heritage backgrounds. They will deliver news that will cover many topics. The primary name “The Korea Times” will still be kept in the section for Koreans. THE DIVERSITY TIMES will be contained on the inner pages. Its name of The Korea Times 매니토바 한인신문 will be still used with THE DIVERSITY TIMES in the newspaper.

THE DIVERSITY TIMES will deliver the needs from other community members and will reach out to a variety of different populations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. THE DIVERSITY TIMES wants to hear feedback from its increasing number of readers, those who are genuinely interested in TKT. THE DIVERSITY TIMES will enhance to communicate with other ethnic and visible minorities including Korean immigrants and other member of the society.

Acknowledgement of Outstanding Columnists & Contributors

스티븐 왓슨 (Steven Watson): Food & Culture

올리비아 바우어 (Olivia Bauer) 및 기고자 (Other staff): Manitoba Start

선데이 아킨 올루코주 (Sunday Akin Olukoju): Meeting the Minds

폴 팬치쉰 (Paul Panchyshyn): Canadian Culture

레비 아바드 (Levy Abad): Migrant Perspectives

헤랄 모히우딘 (Helal Mohiuddin): Community News

송원재 (Wonjae Song): Business Power

최지영 (Ji-Yung “Jennifer” Choi): Immigration

에리카 김 (Erica Kim): Real Estate

김소민 (Somin Kim): Dakota-Finance, & Banking

이명자 (Myong Lee): Law and Legal Matters

최효찬 (Hyochan Choi): Parenting, & Reading Skills

강내경 (Rakyung Kang): Negotiation, & Human Relationship Skills

올리비아 도 (Eun Kyeong “Olivia” Do): Senior’s Power, & Immigrant Family and Life

한지훈 (Jihoon Han): Self-improvement

제이슨 김 (Jason Kim): Canada Life

이블리나 송 (Evelina “Eunhee” Song): Beauty & Image Making

김성현 (Simon Kim): Culture

송시혁 (Sihyuk Song): Education

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Copyright© 2012 by Won Jae Song and Eun Kyeong “Olivia” Do

First Issue – August in 2012

발행인 (Publisher): Won Jae Song

편집인 (Managing Editor): Eun Kyeong “Olivia” Do

디자인 및 레이아웃 편집 (Layout/Design Editor): TE Brothers Inc.

인쇄 (Printing): Derksen Printers

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