Boston Couple Missing After Avalanche In Canada

Submitted on 목, 03/16/2017 - 11:42

BOSTON (CBS) – Two snowshoers from Boston are missing in Canada and police believe they may have been on a mountain during an avalanche.

The investigation started when the couple, who have not been identified, didn’t check out of their hotel near Field in southwest Alberta Tuesday. They also missed their flights.

Investigators found the couple’s rental car near a trail just north of Lake Louise. There were snowshoe tracks leading into nearby avalanche debris, and no tracks leading out.

“We did pick up two signals from transceivers leading us to believe the people are trapped in this avalanche debris,” said Tania Peters of Parks Canada. “That is why we are calling this a recovery operation.”

There is still an extreme avalanche risk in that area and it’s too dangerous even for the recovery teams to go in right now. Police aren’t releasing their names, but have been in touch with both families.

“Our condolences really go out to them at this point,” said Cpl. Curtis Peters, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“It’s tough being away from your family in a situation like this. I can’t imagine what they’re thinking. But we’re going to work together with Parks to try and bring some closure to them.”

Parks Canada says it could be several days before that area is safe for crews to search on the ground.